Know your credential end date


Provider Connections sends renewal notices out as a courtesy. This credential is yours, you are responsible for knowing the end dates. It is your responsibility to send in your renewal within 60 days of its end date so the DCFS CANTS can be processed. You still have until the end date [...]

Know your credential end date2022-10-18T08:20:38-05:00

Check your credential end date!


Please check your credential end date as we have over 30+ providers who have not sent in their July renewals as of today.  If you see that you haven't renewed and you have a Yahoo account, please consider using a different email address as this is the only way that Provider [...]

Check your credential end date!2022-07-22T09:02:17-05:00

EI Credential Renewal and IMPACT Enrollment


EI Credential Renewal and IMPACT Enrollment Beginning July 1, 2017 if a provider is not enrolled and associated correctly in IMPACT, the credential will not be renewed. EI Credential renewal is contingent upon IMPACT enrollment that must match EI CBO enrollment. How you are enrolled to bill can be found [...]

EI Credential Renewal and IMPACT Enrollment2022-03-17T08:23:55-05:00

IDFPR Has Moved to Paperless Renewals & Licenses


IDFPR Has Moved to Paperless Renewals & Licenses State Regulator Announces Paperless Renewals, License Copies for Professionals CHICAGO  Secretary Bryan A. Schneider of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is pleased to announce that paperless licensing and renewals have now been implemented for the professions licensed and [...]

IDFPR Has Moved to Paperless Renewals & Licenses2022-03-10T16:15:56-06:00

CANTS Notice


CANTS Notice IMPORTANT NOTICE DCFS has informed us that standard processing for background checks (CANTS) will run between 8-12 weeks. Provider Connections and DCFS have an established procedure for this process. Providers are to send the DCFS Authorization for Background Check to Provider Connections as part of a new or [...]

CANTS Notice2022-03-10T16:05:32-06:00
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