Evaluator Applicants

Attention: Changes to Evaluation Requirements: Due to issues with HIPAA and FERPA regarding the use of black markers, the following changes will be made:
  • Evaluation applications and reports will not be accepted if marker is used. Applications/Reports with markers will be returned.
  • Acceptable options for removing identifying information include the use of the word Child, Boy, Girl, XXX, YYY, etc.
  • Do not use fake names because the reviewers cannot know they are not true names.
  • The EI number must be removed
  • The birthdate and evaluation must be included.

Evaluation and Assessment FAQ

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EI Evaluation/Assessment Portfolio Application


  • The Evaluator/Assessment credential is for individuals who wish to provide initial evaluations to determine eligibility or the addition of a new service.
  • All applicants for the Evaluation/Assessment credential must have a current full Illinois Early Intervention Credential.
  • It is preferred that the provider has 3 years full-time equivalent (FTE) of EI experience serving infants and toddlers. A person with only one (1) year experience of at least 750 hours of direct or billable services may be considered for the Evaluation/Assessment Credential.
  • Credentialed providers who provide annual and ongoing evaluations can continue to do so without having the evaluator/assessment credential status.

Evaluation/Assessment Requirements

Applicants seeking the Evaluation/Assessment credential must:

  • Hold a Full Specialist EI Credential for their specific discipline (e.g., ST, OT, DT);
  • Document a minimum of three years (full-time equivalent) pediatric experience within the EI Specialist credentialed discipline is required with no less than 20% of that experience (750 direct service hours) related to infants and toddlers between birth and three years of age or the equivalent, with a minimum of one year (full-time equivalent) pediatric experience within the EI Specialist credentialed discipline with no less than 60% of that experience (750 direct service hours) related to infants and toddlers;
  • Document a minimum of six months pediatric post-degree supervision;
  • Demonstrate training in using and interpreting a variety of approved assessment tools related to his/her discipline by participating in evaluator specific training;
  • Agree to work with the Service Coordinator, other evaluators, and the family as an effective team member;
  • Agree to participate in IFSP meetings as specified in this Part;
  • Agree to perform evaluation/assessments and present recommendations thereon, that are consistent with DHS EI philosophy and best practices, and to provide adequate justification for recommendations based thereon;
  • Agree to participate in routine quality assurance and/or EI monitoring activities conducted by the Department or its Designee, or the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs;
  • Agree to comply with all applicable federal and/or State laws, rules, regulations, policies, provider agreement and procedure and guidelines;
  • Document completion of the EI Systems Training that includes evaluation/assessment and evaluation/assessment training as required and provided by the Department in other formats.

Recommended Training

The Illinois Early Intervention Report Format

This training reviews the Illinois EI Report Format, including required elements of the report, related policies and procedures, and will provide examples and strategies to support early interventionists in crafting high quality early intervention reports.

Evaluation/Assessment Process

  • Applicants submit to Provider Connections 2 complete copies of the EI Evaluation/Assessment Portfolio Application. Reports must be completed within the prior 6 months and meet FERPA privacy requirements or they will be automatically denied. Names, EI numbers, and other identifying information must be removed. The birthdate and evaluation date must be included for review.
  • Evaluation/Assessment Portfolio Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. The applications are sent to outside review teams for peer review on the first of the month. Allow 4-6 weeks from the beginning of the review period for results.
  • If an applicant’s Evaluation/Assessment Portfolio application is complete and the evaluations submitted are deemed as being of sufficient quality, the applicant will be issued a Temporary Evaluation/Assessment credential. Providers will be notified of the results of the portfolio review by email.
  • Temporary Evaluation/Assessment Credentials are active for 6 months.
  • Providers must submit 2 copies of 3 initial evaluation reports to Provider Connections for review at least 2 months prior to the evaluator credential expiration date. If these reports are deemed to be of sufficient quality, applicants will be awarded a Full credential with an expiration date consistent with their discipline-specific credential. If the reports are denied, the applicant must reapply for the temporary credential.

Frequently Used Reports and Documents

The Provider Handbook contains several report formats providers use often. Click here for access.


Providers must maintain their discipline-specific credential in order to maintain the evaluator credential. It the discipline-specific credential goes inactive, so will the evaluator credential.