CANTS Notice


DCFS has informed us that standard processing for background checks (CANTS) will run between 8-12 weeks. Provider Connections and DCFS have an established procedure for this process. Providers are to send the DCFS Authorization for Background Check to Provider Connections as part of a new or renewing credential. Any deviation from this process may cause a delay in processing.

Please be aware of your credential expiration date. Renewal notices are sent via email as a courtesy. Email notices may not reach provider if addresses are not current or illegible. In some cases, computers have automatically redirected these notices to junk files.

Renewals need to be sent to Provider Connections 90 days before the expiration date to assure that the DCFS CANTS check is completed in time. Renewals must also include as much continuing education as completed, the Ongoing Professional Development Plan Format, the Ongoing Professional Development Documentation Form, and your professional license (if applicable).