Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT) is a web-based provider enrollment application that meets Federal requirements is more convenient for providers and increases efficiency by automating and expediting State agency processes. This process eliminates some paperwork previously required.

Eventually, all Early Intervention (EI) providers will be required to enroll in the EI Program/Medical Assistance Program via the IMPACT systems. The IMPACT website, provides detailed information regarding the IMPACT enrollment/revalidation process, related activities, and timelines. Currently, Assistants, Interpreters/Translators, Deaf Mentors, Parent Liaisons, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionists, and Service Coordinators DO NOT NEED TO ENROLL IN IMPACT.

Provider Connections has developed Early Intervention IMPACT Enrollment Guidelines to assist with the enrollment process. These guidelines contain important information, so please take the time to read them before attempting to complete the IMPACT process.

Providers may submit credential applications once they are in “In Review” with IMPACT.

Tips for IMPACT Enrollment

  • All Early Intervention Providers MUST associate to the EI Billing Provider 7094782 and the EI MCO 3000005. This is the Early Intervention Managed Care Organization. IMPACT lists it as optional, but it is not optional for Early Intervention Providers.
  • The default setting for Application Type is “Rendering/Servicing Only;” however, if you are an individual provider, you will need to change this to “Individual/Sole Proprietor,” so you can associate to the Early Intervention Billing Agent 7094665.
  • Please be advised that there has been a system update to IMPACT that requires providers (excluding Rendering Service Providers) to add office hours to their Primary Practice Location and any identified Service Locations in Step Two prior to making any modifications to their information. New applicants will also need to add office hours as part of the process in Step Two before the system will accept the application for submission.
  • Providers must complete the Modification Checklist and Submit the Modification Request for Review when making changes to their IMPACT applications.
  • If a person needs to gain access to a provider’s file, there are two ways this can occur. The first way to gain access to the application in IMPACT is by completing a DAR form. Please email the form to with the subject line “DAR Form.” The second option is for the person who actually enrolled the provider to grant someone access, through the Domain Administrator profile in IMPACT. For more information, please view the Domain Administrator Rights slideshow.

IMPACT Interface Error

An issue exists with the interface between IMPACT and the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) when providers enter their license number as it appears on the licensePlease click here for more information about IMPACT Interface Error.

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