Training Overview

The Illinois Early Intervention System has established initial training, cumulative core knowledge, and ongoing professional education requirements with which providers must comply to be awarded and/or renew EI credential(s).

Initial Training Requirements

  • Completion of EI System Overview Training. System Overview training is now available online and consists of an online component and one (1) day face-to-face follow-up training. Provider Connections will process credential applications only if all educational/licensure requirements and a minimum of the online portion of EI System Overview training are documented as complete. Online System Overview and Online System Overview Follow-Up must be completed within 3 years of making application for an Illinois Early Intervention Credential. If completed longer than 3 years prior to making application for the credential, individuals will need to repeat both.
  • Service Coordination Training Credentialed Service Coordinators have 90 days to complete the three following trainings: Service Coordination Online/Blended Training (online and webinars), and Online Systems Overview One Day Follow Up Session. Service Coordinators have 18 months from their credential begin date to complete the 120 Core Knowledge Areas (see above Developmental Therapists section). You can register for each section through the EITP Training Calendar. Make sure to select the category as face-to-face or online, depending on the training.Service Coordinator applicants must submit official transcripts.
  • Parent Liaison Training Completion of “Parent Liaison Services in the Illinois Early Intervention System” is required within 90 days after being issued a temporary credential for full credential status and continued enrollment. You can register for this training through the EITP Training Calendar. Make sure to select the category as “online.”
  • Providers have 18 months from the date their “Temporary” credentials are issued to complete the required 240 hours of consultation verification with the exception of DT-Hearing, DT-Vision, and DT-O&M providers and providers credentialed under the EI service categories of Clinical Assessment, Counseling and other Therapeutic Services, Nursing, Nutrition, and Social Services, as defined in Appendix C, need only document 120 hours. Documentation of this requirement must show that the individual participated in consultation with an appropriately experienced individual of the same discipline/Early Intervention service group who has experience working with children ages birth to three with special needs and their families. The consultation shall be in compliance with the professional standards of the individual seeking the credential, as determined and documented by the consultant.

Core Knowledge Areas Requirement

As a part of Rule 500 Early Intervention, the Illinois Department of Human Services established guidelines defining basic core educational content knowledge areas that unlicensed credentialed providers must document to become/remain a provider in the Illinois EI system. This requirement is a CUMULATIVE TOTAL of ALL coursework and/or workshops completed by an individual focusing on infants and toddlers (birth to 3) with special needs. Once this requirement has been fulfilled and providers have received verification from the EI credentialing office, it will not be required again. The core knowledge area requirements are as follows:

Completion of educational experiences that include the equivalent of at least 2 semester hours or 30 clock hours in each of the following:

  • Typical and Atypical Child Development (at least 1 semester hour or 15 contact hours in each area)
  • Working with Families with Young Children* with Special Needs
  • Intervention Strategies for Young Children* with Special Needs
  • Assessment of Young Children* with Special Needs

* Young Children is defined as children age birth to three. The documentation submitted must specify this age range.

To qualify for a temporary credential, developmental therapists must document completion of educational experiences, as approved by the Department, that include at least two semester college hours or the equivalent (30 clock hours or CEU credit hours) in each of the above early intervention core knowledge content areas. As of July 1, 2007, all other applicant for a temporary credential, other than individuals that hold a professional license in the state of Illinois, as set forth in Appendix C, shall document completion of these educational experiences within 18 months after issuance of a temporary credential.

All coursework/workshops submitted  MUST INCLUDE  SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION THAT CLEARLY DESCRIBES THE CORE AREA COVERED, THE BIRTH TO 3 WITH SPECIAL NEEDS COMPONENTS AND THE TIME SPENT ON THESE COMPONENTS. Such documentation should include course syllabi within 2 years of when the course was completed.

Workshops and coursework are reviewed for credentialing credit ONLY at the time of initial application and renewal. When a credential is issued/reissued, a Portfolio Checklist will be sent along with the credential & cover letter. This checklist outlines  ALL  information that is contained in a providers EI credential file including the number of workshop/college hours credited to meet the core area requirements.

Ongoing/Renewal Professional Education Requirements

During the 3 years that the full credential is valid, a credentialed provider shall receive a total of 30 hours of continuing professional education as approved by the Department. This training shall include two or more of the early intervention core knowledge content areas. Extensions of up to 3 months may be granted upon written request setting forth the facts concerning noncompliance.

All continuing professional education submitted for renewal MUST be approved by the Illinois EI Training Program. If the continuing professional education was not provided by the EI Training Program and does not appear on their website listing of approved training you MUST get it approved before submitting for renewal. The approval process typically takes a minimum of 30 business days. Visit the Illinois EI Training Program for the continuing professional education approval process.

The Department’s credentialing office will consider extreme hardship and other extenuating circumstances and determine if an extension should be granted on an individual basis. Providers must use the Extension Request Form (pdf) for this purpose. The extension shall not extend the time within which the subsequent year’s training requirements must be received.

Using EI Videos for Continuing Education

A maximum of 5 hours of EI Video credit from videos from the EI Clearinghouse may be used for every 30 hours of continuing education submitted for renewal and/or core knowledge area documentation purposes. Webinars and online learning have no limit.