Enrollment Overview

The Illinois Medical Assistance Program Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT) is required for many providers to have enrollment in. Please visit the IMPACT webpage for more information.

The EI Central Billing Office (CBO) is the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) designee for processing the state’s payment of claims to Early Intervention (EI) providers, providing linkage with the Illinois Cornerstone System and maintaining provider data/interface with the Cornerstone system.

  • Enrollment into the CBO is required for all EI providers with the exception of credentialed associates.
  • Providers and/or agencies in the EI system must enter into a Payee Provider Agreement to provide early intervention services in the state of Illinois.
  • Once an agency has completed an agreement, subsequent enrollees for the agency are not required to complete the agency agreement.

The purpose of the agreements is to establish the duties, expectations and relationship between DHS and the Provider who make service(s) available to eligible children and their families according to the Illinois Early Intervention Services System Act, Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and EI administrative rules.

It is the responsibility of each provider to be familiar with the provisions of this agreement and to adhere to its requirements.

ALL CBO enrollment application forms, whether initial or otherwise, must be sent to Provider Connections for processing. Do not send these documents directly to the CBO or IDHS. Doing so will delay the processing of your enrollment. Technical support questions regarding the enrollment process should be directed to Provider Connections at (800) 701-0995.

Note: The EI Credential is directly linked to billing for services. Unless an individual intends to provide and bill for services in the Illinois EI System, there is no need to hold the EI Credential. If an individual does get credentialed and enrolled to provide services but does not receive authorizations or bill for more than 12 consecutive months, the provider is subject to being inactivated from the EI Provider System.

A Note about LLCs:

If you are attempting to enroll as a single-member LLC, please view the memo below.    A provider should consult a tax accountant to determine the best situation when setting up a business or even as a self-employed individual. Many providers wish to protect their social security number from the public. This is well understood given the times in which we live. However, Early Intervention providers need to understand the payment procedures mandated within the State of Illinois. These facts pertain only to payments from the State of Illinois/Illinois Office of Comptroller. Again, we request a provider to consult a tax accountant for more specific business/tax guidance.

W-9 Questions regarding LLC-Disregarded Entities

Understanding Billing

  • Information for Providers
    • https://eicbo.info/providers/
      The Information for Providers webpage list several links related to insurance and billing the Early Intervention Central Billing Office. Program billing requirements and changes are posted on this webpage as well. This webpage can be helpful for both new and experienced Early Intervention providers.
  • Billing Requirements for Paper claim Submission
  • How to Send Resubmitted or Corrected Claims to the Central Billing Office
  • Free Insurance Billing Service
    • https://eicbo.info/providers/insurance-billing-unit/
      The Free Insurance Billing Service webpage provides information related to the free insurance billing service that is offered by the Central Billing Office. The webpage allows providers to learn about how the free service can simplify their insurance billing process while enhancing the service they provide to children in the EI program. Forms required for registering for this free service are available on this webpage as well.
  • CBO Billing