Copy of Background Check Needed for Child Care

If a provider needs a copy of a background check to provide services in a child care setting, a request can be made to Provider Connections. Keep in mind and let the child care setting know that we are authorized to conduct a State Only fingerprint, not an FBI fingerprint. The fingerprint can only be released to the provider, not the child care setting or the provider’s employer, however the employer may pay for the cost of processing.

A $10 processing fee is charged as it is for all requests for duplicate documents. The Request for Duplicate Documents is found on this page within the list of documents. If you wish to pay by check, print the document and mail it with the check to the following address:

Provider Connections

Western Illinois University

1 University Cir

20 Horrabin Hall

Macomb iL 61455

Illinois Early Intervention Systems of Support Infographic

Learn more about the systems that support Illinois Early Intervention in this interactive graphic that highlights the key stakeholders that work together to support children and families in Illinois Early Intervention, by exploring an overview of who they are, what they do, where to find their key resources, and how to contact them.  This tool is a great reference for anyone new to early intervention!

Report Formats and Worksheets are now found at: