Q and A Billling and Enrollment

Q. I received an email regarding no authorizations, no claims. What do I need to do?

A. If you are notified that you have been inactivated for non-participation, the email will notify you for what payee you have been inactivated for. If you have no other open payees, then you will also be notified that your credential was placed on inactivate status. You must have an active payee to allow your credential to remain open. If at anytime you would like to provide services again, you will need the following:

  • A CFC Manager must email the Project Director at Provider Connections, indicating there is a need for your services and they have authorizations ready to issue to you.
  • The CBO forms to reactivate your enrollment and open your credential back up.
  • Meet any credential requirements to maintain your credential, if a credentialed provider.

Questions and Answers

  • https://eicbo.info/providers/provider-question-answers/
    The Questions and Answers webpage provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding everything that the Central Billing Office is responsible for. It is a great source to look for questions and answers that were frequently asked by Illinois Early Intervention providers.