EI Credential Renewal and IMPACT Enrollment

Beginning July 1, 2017 if a provider is not enrolled and associated correctly in IMPACT, the credential will not be renewed.

EI Credential renewal is contingent upon IMPACT enrollment that must match EI CBO enrollment. How you are enrolled to bill can be found on our website when you conduct a provider search on yourself. Click the box that says, “Click for more information.” Click “View Billing Information.” A listing of all ACTIVE payees will appear. If you find that we have you enrolled under a payee for which you no longer provide services, send us an email or fax stating that you no longer provide services for that payee and a last date of service. If you do provide services for a payee that we do not have listed, you will need to send us paperwork, found on our website under Billing/Enrollment, Billing, Add/Change.