If an Illinois Early Intervention Credential lapses or is terminated providers must complete the criminal background check, child abuse/neglect tracking system, and Illinois Sex Offender checks according to the defined Department processes in addition to the requirements detailed below. Allow 4 weeks for processing the DCFS CANTS (unless there are mitigating circumstances determined by DCFS). If you have any questions regarding this process, contact Provider Connections. A fingerprint is not required at reinstatement unless indicated by Provider Connections. 

Reinstating Lapsed Credentials:

Providers who do not meet credentialing reapplications requirements (ongoing professional development and continuing professional education) and/or allow their credential to lapse may re-apply for a new credential if the credential has lapsed for one year or less by using the applications below.

If it has been more than one year since your credential has lapsed please submit a new application. https://providerconnections.org/application-new/

The application must be mailed. It cannot be emailed or faxed.

In order to re-activate a lapsed credential, the provider must submit the credential and CBO enrollment application (not applicable for assistants) and include:

  1. The original continuing professional education requirements (30 EITP approved hours) AND
  2. documentation of ongoing professional development meetings OR
  3. a plan to participate in ongoing professional development. This plan must be more than the signed form that is part of the application, and should identify, at a minimum, the name of the credential provider(s) with which the applicant will meet. The provider will be given a monitored status for one year at which time they would have to provide documentation to prove that they are in compliance with the ongoing professional development requirement.

If the credential has lapsed for more than one year the provider must re-apply by submitting the credential and CBO enrollment applications (not applicable for assistants) and:

  1. Meet any new educational, experiential, and/or training requirements for the credential that they are applying, and
  2. Attend any required systems-based trainings within the time-frame designated by the Department of Human Services.

Reinstating Inactivated credentials:

Providers whose credentials have been inactivated for one of the following reasons may re-activate the credential by doing the following:

  • EI Technical Assistance & Monitoring Inactivation
    • If the credential was inactivated due to provider/agency not responding to requests from the EI Monitoring Program, the provider/agency must first resolve the issues with the EI Monitoring Program. Credentials are inactivated due to provider/agency failing to respond to requests from EI Monitoring Program to schedule a monitoring visit or due to failure to provide Monitoring Program with a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) resulting from a prior monitoring visit. Once the issue is resolved with EI Monitoring Program provider may reinstate their credential/enrollment by completing the two- page credential application and the entire CBO enrollment application and returning them to Provider Connections.
  • No Authorization/Claim Inactivation
    • If the credential was inactivated due to the CBO not having record of a provider receiving an authorization for services and/or submitting a claim for reimbursement of services within a 12 month period, providers may reinstate their credential. However, if providers have no intention of receiving authorizations for services and/or billing for services there is no need to have the EI credential. The Illinois Early Intervention Credential is directly linked to billing for services provided.

      If at anytime you would like to provide services again, you will need the following:

      • A CFC Manager must email the Project Director at Provider Connections, indicating there is a need for your services and they have authorizations ready to issue to you.
      • The CBO forms to reactivate your enrollment and open your credential back up.
      • Meet any credential requirements to maintain your credential, if a credentialed provider.
  • Failure to Enroll in IMPACT Correctly
    • If the credential was inactivated due to failure to complete IMPACT enrollment correctly, the credential/enrollment may be re-established by completing the IMPACT process and notifying Provider Connections.