Early Intervention Provider Payment Update Effective – 07/07/2022

Early Intervention has processed the provider payment voucher for the weeks dated 06/08/22, 6/15/22, & 06/29/22. These vouchers were approved this week and should post om Illinois Comptroller Site within the next few days.  We are working on processing all SFY22 fee for service documents. We understand confusion is caused when the vouchers post out of date order. The 6/29/22 voucher posted at IOC today and within the state’s system can verify all 6/08/22 documents processed and some from 6/15/22. Today funds have been added to complete all documents and EI will post an update once the vouchers are showing processed on IDHS side. During state year-end closeout period, a delay might show with vouchers at IOC please understand that the payments are coming!

Please continue to watch the Provider Connections website for further payment information.

Early Intervention is continually working to secure additional revenues to process additional payments.  We are not always aware of when these funds may be released to the Early Intervention 502 Revolving Fund.  We also must have the funds secured into the DHS accounting systems before payments can be made.  The balance on the IOC may vary from the DHS accounting system due to pending obligations.  IOC is only the first step in the process.  While we understand the impact any delay has on every aspect of the Early Intervention Services System, we are not able to change the way the state process works.  Early Intervention receives funding from multiple sources and every effort is made to reduce the impact of the lack of funds available from one source by utilizing every other source possible.

The State of Illinois payment systems must have a few business days to process the received EI fee for service providers documents once submitted into our data systems.  Please know that if we have funds available, we are always working towards releasing those payments as soon as possible.