Request for Duplicate Documents

The Statewide budget reductions impact everyone, including Provider Connections. As a result, on January 1, 2011, Provider Connections will implement a $10 fee for copies of information found in the provider credential file. The fee will not be assessed due to misspellings or errors made by Provider Connections if the request is made within 30 business days of the document(s) being issued.

Prior to the implementation date, the Provider Connections website will contain a link to the form providers should use to request duplicates of documents such as background checks, ongoing professional development meeting documentation, portfolio checklist, and certificates of continuing education. Providers are reminded that copies of their EI Credential may be printed free of charge from the Provider Connections website by using the Credential Search feature and clicking “Details” of the provider’s record.

Reducing budgets without reducing services is a dilemma and, like many organizations across the state, Provider Connections has had to reduce its 2010-2011 operating budget to adjust for the reduction in grant monies received from the State of Illinois. The decision to charge a copying fee was not made lightly. Thank you for your understanding.