IMPACT UPDATE (3/27/18) Please be advised that there has been a system update to IMPACT that requires providers (excluding Rendering Service Providers) to add office hours to their Primary Practice Location and any identified Service Locations in Step Two prior to making any modifications to their information. New applicants will [...]

IMPACT UPDATE (3/27/18)2022-03-17T09:16:54-05:00

IMPACT Interface Error with IFDPR Notice


IMPACT Interface Error with IFDPR Notice Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT) staff have been advised that there is an issue with the interface between IMPACT and the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) when providers enter their license number as it appears on the license. An [...]

IMPACT Interface Error with IFDPR Notice2022-03-17T08:27:58-05:00
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