E-Fax Information

After a review by the Early Intervention Program and DHS Privacy Officer, the following E-Fax providers have been determined to meet all HIPAA and FERPA requirements as set forth by the Part C regulations and are approved for use.

In order to be considered a “Business Associate” as covered by HIPAA, providers will need to have a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with each E-Fax provider utilized. All of the above referenced providers offer BAAs. Providers choosing to utilize an E-Fax provider are responsible for establishing an account with the vendor and ensuring all proper agreements are in place prior to use.

The criteria used in evaluating the above vendors includes:

  • not utilizing third party vendors to store and transmit data
  • executable BAAs
  • domestic data storage within the United States
  • guaranteed HIPAA secure accounts for customers with BAAs.

If you have any questions regarding the use of E-Fax services please contact. Specific questions regarding services should be directed to E-Fax vendors.